Move Over & Increase Everyone’s Safety

Each year hundreds of Tow Operators and motorist are killed in traffic related incidents on the side of the road. This usually results from the Tow Truck and/or Operator or motorist being struck by an out of control vehicle.

It happens all too often, in increasing frequency – motorist involved in accidents, waiting for help to arrive, are involved in secondary MVA’s. This usually results from distracted drivers hitting the car/Tow Truck/pedestrians at the scene ( stay inside your vehicle or a safe distance from the scene), and most often are fatal because the secondary collisions usually involve motorists or operators on foot.

The reasons for this type of event are numerous and varied but usually driver distraction is involved.

A couple of ways to cope with this is to limit communication while driving and keep your eyes moving – always scanning the horizon for trouble. ANY tail light or visual signal from the side of the road warrants extreme caution on the part of the passerby. Move over and safely reduce speed, if there is a vehicle beside you use your brake to let him pass and move to opposite lane when possible. If you are scanning the roadway as you should there will be time to accomplish this safely.

REMEMBER: The people on the side of the road just might be your family!

Put a space buffer between you and roadside incidents.