Choosing The Right Towing Provider

How to get the best help when you need it most

If you drive a car and you haven’t found yourself in need of a tow, you are among the chosen few.
Most of us have been there, everything is going fine and then…….. your vehicle is disabled and you’re late to pick the kids up from lacrosse.
A whirlwind of thoughts run through your mind.
What now?
Where will I take my car?

A number of things can put you on the side of the road:
•    Accidents
•    Mechanical breakdowns
•    Out of fuel
•    Police impound

In a good emergency plan you will be prepared for various emergencies and have emergency contacts to pick up the kids if you are unable, and a plan outlining what to do after an accident, and where and how to seek shelter from severe weather, but will it include the phone number to a trusted Tow Service Provider? Probably not, but it should.
A good Towing Service is so much more than the name implies. Not only do they recover the vehicle but in a lot of cases they recover your family member or employee and make sure they are safe. They have the resources and networks to provide you with repair options, lodging, and a host of other related logistics.

Just like knowing a good doctor or a good lawyer it’s important to know a good Towing Provider, preferably one that you have done business with in the past. Someone that knows you, your values, and your vehicles and will be compelled to get out of bed and yank you out of a snow bank at 3:00 am.

Having this type of relationship with your Towing Service could mean the difference in getting help at 3:00 am or being forced to abandon your vehicle and valuables until morning and will almost certainly get you the best possible rates. Even if you are hundreds of miles from home, your towing service has people in their network at or near the town you are in that provide comparable service.
If you rely on luck to pick a company randomly the odds are high that you will have a bad experience. Here are the most common complaints:
•    Substandard, unpleasant, or uncomfortable trucks
•    Unprofessional or unpleasant drivers
•    Arrival time was much longer than promised
•    The price was much higher than promised
•    The driver handled the vehicle roughly or damaged the vehicle

If you don’t know a good Tow Provider or how to select one you’re in luck, here are a few suggestions to help find the right one to fit your needs.
First a small note about this; Towing Services are sorta like a shoe, and one size doesn’t always fit all. Some specialize in foreign and exotic cars that require specialized equipment and skill sets. Some specialize in heavy duty towing and are best suited to deal with Fleet Managers and heavy duty trucks. If your car is all wheel drive, a towing company with flat bed service is an ideal choice for you.
Use these tips collectively to find the right provider for you, don’t rely on one group or tip to make your decision.
1.    Seek the advice of family and friends
2.    Ask your insurance company for suggestions
3.    Consult the Better Business Bureau
4.    Ask your mechanic or dealer
5.    Visit some local Towing websites.
6.    Read reviews, testimonials
7.    If you personally know, or have a friend who personally knows a policeman ask him, they deal with Towing Services on a daily basis and can guide you to the best, and steer you from the worst. This is a must.
8.    From the previous tips you will hear a few names that consistently come up. Call these Tow Services and speak with them or arrange a visit. Ask them questions and see which of them are most technically proficient and professional, but above all, listen to and judge how they listen and interact with you. The most engaging of those will likely give superior service.
Once you have selected your Towing Service Provider sit down with your family and make sure they know your wishes and why.

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